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More than 8% of worldwide employment is in the field of hospitality. The Private Hotel School graduates can look forward to various career opportunities as they obtain high levels of the specialised knowledge needed to excel in the competitive hospitality environment.

A word from Erika Theron

The hospitality and tourism industries are some of the largest and fastest growing industries worldwide. Not only does it offer many exciting job opportunities across the globe, but those who enter this dynamic and ever-changing workforce are guaranteed to rub shoulders with some of the most fascinating people you will ever meet. 

From Cape to Cairo, New York to New Guinea, there is a demand for quality lodging and restaurant operations and hospitality business owners are increasingly favouring trained and qualified job candidates. Other industries, unrelated to hospitality, have also been known to favour applicants with a hospitality background as these individuals usually have an array of ‘soft skills’ such as punctuality, diligence, customer service, communication, professionalism, to name a few. 

The Private Hotel School opens the door to this vibrant industry. Offering qualifications in hospitality management, culinary arts, event management and hospitality education, The Private Hotel School is well positioned to meet a variety of training and educational needs, setting you up for success and launching a very promising career.

Erika Theron
Academic Manager


Hospitality is one of the fastest growing employment industries providing global career opportunities. At The Private Hotel School you will become a true Hospitalian, combining expert knowledge and skills with an entrepreneurial mindset to elevate you to industry-leader status. TPHS prepares you for work across various functions from concierge to top-level management positions, organising world-class events, even opening your own restaurant or hotel.

Our curriculum combines innovative, cutting-edge hospitality instruction with premier USA internships to ensure students receive top-level training in aptitude as well as attitude. There is a growing demand, both locally and internationally, for TPHS’s well-trained and consummate professionals.

The Private Hotel School – Developing Tomorrow’s Best.

Our curriculum combines cutting-edge instruction with sound practical training and knowledge, providing tomorrow's hospitality industry leaders with the hands-on educational and cultural awareness skills necessary to succeed in a competitive economy. As a student at TPHS you will master scarce professional skills and obtain high levels of the specialised knowledge needed for global job prospects in the hospitality and culinary industries.

Our students easily find jobs after their studies, some even while they are still busy with their internships. Some choose to start their own businesses. Other students choose to study further and we find that there are many options for them – some study further in marketing, others study accounting so that they can become Accountants in the hospitality industry. Those who work in hospitality establishments have a lot to choose from. Some work in game lodges on the banks of the Zambesi river, others work in prestigious hotels such as the Hyatt Hotel in Oubaai and others in top restaurants such as Terroir at Kleine Zalze. 

As the programmes are internationally recognised, one has the option of working locally or abroad. At present we have alumni who work, apart from in Southern Africa, in countries such as America, Kenya, The Netherlands, Belgium, China and England.

Access to the American Hospitality Association online courses.
National accreditation and international recognition.
Industry placement at top hotels and restaurants.
Qualified lecturers with extensive experience in the hospitality industry.
State-of-the-art campuses in Rosebank and Stellenbosch close to transport links.
Various certificates and diplomas on offer.


  • Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.
  • 8.7% of worldwide employment is in the hospitality industry.
  • Travel and tourism account for 10.2% of global GDP.
  • Food and beverage services will employ about 12.7 million people by 2020.
  • There will be 337 million jobs in hospitality worldwide by 2023 (1 in every 10 jobs on the planet).
  • Currently, 1 in 22 people employed in South Africa work in hospitality.

The Private Hotel School is the South African partner school of the American Hospitality Academy (AHA) and a member of the International Hotel Management Schools (IHMS). 

This means that our students also have access to the renowned AHA USA Internship Programme and its many benefits, offering most of our students their first international working experience within the greater global hospitality industry.

The Internship Programme forms an integral part of all diploma programmes presented at AHA International Hotel Management Schools. This distinguished, structured USA internship programme is one of the main competitive advantages we offer students. The AHA has a 20-year track record of training experience and students are given the opportunity to get world-class practical training at some of the USA’s most prestigious hotels and resorts. 

This list of partner hotels includes a veritable who’s who of the hospitality industry, including the Marriott, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, Westin, Starwood, Holiday Inn, Radisson and several premier vacation ownership properties.

Because the AHA is a designated US Department of State J-1 Visa Sponsor, it is allowed to issue the DS-2019 form or Certificate of Eligibility for J-9 Exchange Programmes. This form is the legal paperwork required by all students participating in any training programme in the USA.

Read more about the AHA on or go to

Whether in South Africa, USA, Romania, Philippines, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Dubai or Sri Lanka; each AHA-IHMS campus is founded and focused on the same impeccable professional standards that have made the AHA the world's leader in hospitality internships: 

  • Quality in Education
  • Commitment to Excellence,
  • Leading-Edge Teaching and Practical Training Methods
  • Emphasis on Cultural Diversity

These mandatory campus standards will ensure that, no matter in which country or discipline a hospitality student chooses to study, they will receive a first-class education, assuring their first choice will always be AHA – International Hotel Management Schools.

“Exciting, professional and an unpredictable rollercoaster ride of challenges”. These are the words Bianca uses to describe The Private Hotel School. Born and raised in Cape Town, Bianca joined The Private Hotel School family in 2014 when she enrolled for the Advanced Certificate in Hospitality Management: Culinary Specialisation which is endorsed by the American Hospitality Academy as the Diploma in International Culinary Arts. This is quite the achievement as students are required to pass all subjects with no less than 70%.
Following her internship at Cuveé Restaurant, situated on the picturesque Simonsig Wine Estate, she was offered a permanent position. She is currently working at Cuveé as Chef de Parite in the Hot Section. The hot section is aptly named as such, because this is where the action takes places.  Dishes that require flames, fryers and other sources of heat are prepared here. This is also the area where most dishes are plated. (Yes plated, not dished. Plated refers to the action of presentation of the dish and requires plenty of skill, practice and creativity). Being afforded the opportunity to plate alongside the head chef is quite the treat for Bianca.
When asked to identify a highlight of her current position, Bianca responded by saying the diversity of people she works with on a daily basis, seeing and experiencing other view points and beliefs.
Bianca’s advice for success “In order to be successful you have to crawl before you walk”. We wish her all the best with her future endeavours.
Bianca Rossouw - Class of 2016      Cuveé Restaurant - Chef de Partie: Hot Section
Cape Town is the location for the third Radisson Red Hotel to open in the world and the first location that was purposefully built around the Radisson Red brand. Maarten joined the Radisson Red brand in July of 2017 as reservations agent or as Radisson Red calls it “RED Gen Creative”.
Maarten set his career goals fairly early on during his time at The Private Hotel School. Having read about the Hilton Hotel Group he was set on working for the hotel group from the get go. Having done his homework early on he made the effort and spent time working at both Hilton Sandton and Hilton Cape Town.
Once Maarten sets his sights on a goal, there is very little that he allows stopping him. Three months into his six month internship he was offered a permanent position at Hilton Cape Town. Maarten was also considered for Hilton Hotels’ prestigious Elevator Program. Hilton Hotels’ own in house training and mentoring program. Only a handful of candidates are selected worldwide. Maarten made it through to the final interview stage for his region. Not being selected for the Elevator Program did not discourage Maarten in the least, he was promoted to Reservations Agent at Hilton Cape Town later that year.
Looking forward Maarten has set his sights on moving on from reservations to sales. The long term goal to be Regional Director of Sales.
Maarten Smuts  - Class of 2016  Management - We are in the most dynamic industry.
It was a big risk and a lot of people say that I am crazy and it would never work. Four months after I graduated I am now the owner of 4 shops. With the qualification I have from The Private Hotel School I can travel the world. I will always recommend this study to anyone that is doubting. Especially at TPHS as it really is the best hotel school in the country.
Roderick Portocarero
PHS prepares you for an industry where professionalism is vital; from personal grooming to work conduct and cultural diversity understanding. PHS is a stern foundation for students and lecturers will always make time for student questions and queries. They are always resourceful, supportive and knowledgeable. Moreover, they do not simply lead students into the Hospitality Industry, they also continue to share their knowledge and offer support once students are working professionals.
Bibiana Swart
My most memorable moments surround my friends and lecturers that I met during my studies. My friends that I made at PHS are still my friends today. PHS is one big happy family, a family far from home! I remember that we would always just find a way to have fun - be it in the classroom while we were working or even during our breaks while relaxing
Amelia Burger